The board realized that it was important to work with lots of different people from different groups, not just the niche market where they. We aim to work with parents, men's and female groups as well as couples, young and older couples to empower our communities by laying a solid foundation through fulfilling the purpose of our organisation.


Pathfinders Ministries endeavour to lay a foundation to restore, build and develop the next generation by cultivating a kingdom culture that will bring healing to broken lives, families and communities in society.


Pathfinder Ministries aim to impact and empower the next generation through intentionally creating opportunities to cultivate caring relationships, resulting in lasting change through restoring broken lives, families and communities.


  • Nurture, mentor and impact the lives of the next generation - couples, youth, couples and future leaders.
  • Lay a foundation by showing love, fathering of the fatherless and those orphaned in our communities.
  • To love God and to love people.
  • Care for the vulnerable and the broken.
  • Connect people and creating opportunities to share the love of Jesus (sharing and preaching the true gospel message of hope)
  • Life-long servanthood - servant leaders led by the Holy Spirit, that uses the word of God as the foundation of the ministry.
  • Seeking God in prayer, ensuring that the strongman is bound in order for us to set the captives free.

Meet the Board members

EST 2021

Gerald Joshua


Elma Kloppers


Settie Diergaardt

Second in command (2ic)

Johnathan Johnson

Logistics coordinator

Martin Hanekom


Randall Arendse

Occupational Health and Safety coordinator

Lorna Leeman


Joycelyn Quanson

Support staff

Dianne Margaret

Support staff